Hi Everyone!

So this is the blog site for High Heels Aren’t Compulsory. This is a pilot for a trans-positive drama series, which will be made in ten-minute webisodes. Our pilot funding is courtesy of LGBT History Month and Creative Scotland, and we’ll be linking to other events in their programme, which is all through the month of February. We’ll be blogging the production process of the film also as a History Month event.

To start with, though, one or two introductions. I am Elaine Gallagher, I wrote the script and I took it to Lock Up Your Daughters, a queer filmmaking group in Glasgow, who thought it was great, and we’ve been putting it together since.

Lock Up Your Daughters

Lock up Your Daughters Filmmaking

Chuck Goessens is our director; she is studying film at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, in Glasgow. Here is a film that Chuck has made:

Annabel Cooper is our producer; she is also the promoter of the very successful queer cabaret and club night in Edinburgh, Dive!


Dive! queer party

Lock Up Your Daughters have also entered in the 48hr Film Competition in the last few years. Here is our latest production, A Time to Die, also starring Annabel:

More to come, we’re very excited to be talking to a great cinematographer to direct photography, and to a fantastic actor to take the lead role. Auditions will be next weekend, the 2nd of February and we look forward to meeting everyone who is interested in playing parts in our film.


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